La Semana (Remastered)

This album was recorded in 2003 and released by SSRI in 2004. I remastered it in the Fall of 2020. Lossless files are now available for the first time. 16/44.1


On this album I used a more traditional instrumentation. Instead of playing multiple acoustic and electric guitars and lutes, I played a single Flamenco Negra guitar. Instead of lots of drums and percussion, I mostly used the cajon (boxdrum) and Palmas (handclaps). I used no synthesizers at all.

Once again the big landscape of the southwest unfolds in mysterious indigo. Yes, this is a very good album, beautifully composed and recorded in the Santa Fe desert style as defined by OL. - CultureCourt

Obo Cocteau is a story based on the song "Cocteau" [from La Semana], a pure fictional evocation of the composition's moody Moorish atmosphere... and associations made from OL's title.

  • “La Semana (Remastered)”

    Ottmar Liebert

    SSRI SSRI 902025 (2020)

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1. Carrousel (Remastered) 5:45
2. La Luna (Remastered) 4:46
3. Cocteau (Remastered) 5:26
4. Caballada (Remastered) 3:54
5. AlhambraJackson (Remastered) 4:47
6. Spring Rain (Remastered) 6:26
7. Longing (Remastered) 5:56
8. UnderWorld (Remastered) 3:16
9. Cave In My Heart (Remastered) 5:46
10. Echoes of a Caress (Remastered) 6:59
11. Evening - Languid Pace (Remastered) 3:37
12. Caipira (Remastered) 2:39

Writing + Publishing

All music written + arranged by OL.
Published by Luna Negra Music/BMI + administered by Holland Walk Muse


Producer: OL 4 SSRI

Engineer: OL

Studio: Oto-Mare, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Mastering: Oto-Mare in Santa Fe

Mixed by: OL

Mix Medium: Digital

Record Medium: Digital

OL played a Flamenco Guitar by Lester DeVoe. He uses D'Addario strings on all of his guitars and Shure microphones. Jon Gagan played Lakland basses + uses SWR amplification, D'Addario strings.

Design - Michael Motley