In the Arms of Love (2002)

No longer available, this was the original release of In the Arms of Love. Licensed to Higher Octave, it was manufactured and distributed by EMI worldwide.

Re-released by SSRI in 2008

  • “In the Arms of Love (2002)”

    Ottmar Liebert

    SSRI / Higher Octave (2002)

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1. In the Arms of Love 6:50
2. Sea of Tranquility 6:42
3. When I close my Eyes 3:15
4. Dreaming on the Starlight Train 5:28
5. Ode 2 the Morning Star (4 Rem) 6:34
6. Twilight Rain 5:44
7. Querencia 2:15
8. A Secret Garden 4:17
9. Caminar Solo: Walking Alone 4:06
10. Quiet Dawn 3:49
11. Soft Blue Spiral: The Lull of Falling... 4:12
12. The Music Box: Dreaming Next 2 U 6:33
13. Waves of Sound (4 Captain Eno) 7:10

Writing + Publishing

All music written by Ottmar Liebert.
Published by Luna Negra Music/BMI and administered by Holland Walk Muse.


Producer: OL

Engineer: Gary Lyons

Studio: Spiral Subwave in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Mastering: Gary Lyons @ Spiral Subwave Schtudio, Santa Fe

Mixed by: Gary Lyons + Stefan Liebert

Mix Medium: CD-R

Record Medium: Digital