The bullfighter struts, cape extended to the right, weapon concealed to the left. Except he’s a mariachi and his weapon is a guitar. Get funky in Madrid, Detroit, Santa Fe. Funky, but with the lyrical flamenco interludes we associate with OL & Luna Negra. Music that is relaxed, but has that sort of down low playing that hipsters everywhere commit crimes to achieve. Moorish, Andalusian, American Bluesy, these strains are wedded with a sort of African Genesis boogie.
Culture Court




SSRI 902019 • 02014-04-22

Track Listing

1 dawncolor 6:45
2 treestone (watson bulerias) 8:18
3 fireopal 6:18
4 mindcherry 6:31
5 knifeflower 4:42
6 skytone 5:13
7 quietrainmoss 5:47
8 seesalt 2:39
9 evenmistsword 5:58
10 cloudbark (intro) 1:00
11 barcloud 6:10
Writing+ Publishing

All music written by OL.
Published by Luna Negra Music/BMI + administered by Holland Walk Muse


Producer: OL + Jon Gagan 4 SSRI
Engineer: OL + Jon Gagan
Studio: OtoMare + The Electric Company
Mastering: OL @ OtoMare
Mixed by: OL @ OtoMare
Mix Medium: Digital
Record Medium: Digital

OL – Flamenco Guitar, Electric Guitar, Palmas + Drum Programming
Jon Gagan – Bass Guitars, Keyboards + Sound Design
Chris Steele – Drums

JQ Whitcomb – Trumpet

Photography: Greg Gorman + OL 
Design: OL
Layout: Matt Gannon