The Santa Fe Sessions

What is “The Santa Fe Sessions” not?

It is not a compilation of old recordings. It is not a “Best of……” album.

What is “The Santa Fe Sessions”?

The Santa Fe Sessions contain new recordings of ten compositions that first appeared in different form on albums released between 1990 and 1995 plus two new compositions. The new versions of older compositions were inspired by the songs themselves changing (improving?) over the course of performing them hundreds of times live. Most of them have grown new introductions, new appendages + new textures. I decided to capture some of this growth.

Note: This album is out-of-print, but we still have a few copies of the CD available from our store. The recording is no longer available anywhere else. Ottmar is re-mixing these songs for a possible re-release in 2009 or 2010.

Previews are high quality stereo, but limited to 2 minutes.


SSRI / Higher Octave 902003 • 02003-02-25

Track Listing

1 Snakecharmer 8:45
2 Heart Still/Beating 6:10
3 Isla Del Sol 3:57
4 Turkish Night 5:51
5 Sao Paulo 5:49
6 Reaching Out 2 U 5:42
7 Barcelona Nights 5:35
8 Havana Club 4:20
9 Dancing Under the Moon 5:48
10 Song for Pablo 5:34
11 Morning Arrival in Goa 5:39
12 La Rosa Negra 4:26
Writing+ Publishing

All music written + arranged by OL
5 + 10 published by Luna Negra Music/BMI + administered by Holland Walk Muse
2, 3, 7, 9 + 12 published by Higher Octave Music/BMI + administered by Higher Octave Publishing
1, 4, 6, 8 + 11 published by Sony ATV Songs/Luna Negra Music/BMI


Producer: OL
Engineer: Gary Lyons
Studio: Spiral Subwave Schtudio, Santa Fe
Mastering: Gary Lyons @ Spiral Subwave Schtudio, Santa Fe
Mixed by: OL + Gary Lyons
Mix Medium: CD-R
Record Medium: Digital

OL – Guitars, Luitar, Cajon + Percussion
Jon Gagan – Upright Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass Guitar + Synthesizer
Kanoa Kaluhiwa – Tenor Saxophone
Mike Middleton – Trumpet + Flügelhorn
Davo Bryant – Cajon, Udu, Shikare + Congas
Michael Chavez – Bongos, Dumbek + Timbales
Los Tres Amigos – Palmas + Dancing

Horn Arrangements by Jon Gagan except Morning Arrival in Goa which was arranged by Jon with Kanoa Kaluhiwa + Mike Middleton

Dan McKinley – Production Manager + Monitor Mix
Alan Behr – FOH Mix
Kevin Smith – Lighting Artist

Photography by Greg Gorman

OL uses D’Addario strings on flamenco guitars by Eric Sahlin + Keith Vizcarra, a Dreadnaught steel string guitar by Taylor Guitars + the EMF b-band guitar pick up. Jon Gagan uses D’Addario strings on all of his basses, the EMF b-band bass pick-up + SWR amplification. OL + Luna Negra per4m with Shure microphones + in-ear monitors.

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