Nouveau Flamenco

Ottmar Liebert’s most famous album gave a new genre its title, and the New Age market a new champion. From the liner notes:
Nouveau Flamenco represents a spirited new sound eminating from Santa Fe. Its magic blends the heart and soul of the Spanish gypsy guitar with a contemporary groove, a sound mastered by Ottmar Liebert. Liebert’s classical guitar training is flavored by jazz and pop influences, and his music expresses what is inseparably universal and deeply personal. The ancient dramas of sorrow and joy are released and artfully transformed for the listener of today. Nouveau Flamenco is truly acoustic poetry with elegance and passion.

Previews are high quality stereo, but limited to 2 minutes.


Higher Octave Music 77520 • 01990-05-08

Track Listing

1 Barcelona Nights 0:00
2 Heart Still/Beating 0:00
3 3 Women Walking 0:00
4 2 the Night 0:00
5 Passing Storm 0:00
6 Santa Fe 0:00
7 Surrender 2 Love 0:00
8 Waiting 4 Stars 2 Fall 0:00
9 Road 2 Her/Home 0:00
10 After the Rain 0:00
11 Flowers of Romance 0:00
12 Moon over Trees 0:00
13 Shadows 0:00
Writing+ Publishing

All music written by Ottmar Liebert
Published by Higher Octave Music/BMI

2 x Platinum – USA
14 x Platinum – USA/Latin
Platinum – Australia
Platinum – New Zealand
Gold – Canada
Gold – Mexico


Producer: OL
Engineer: Randy Rand
Studio: Stepbridge in Santa Fe, NM
Mastering: Joe Steiner @ FDS Labs
Mixed by: OL
Mix Medium: DAT
Record Medium: 1/2" 16-Track Analog

OL – Flamenco Guitar, Synthesizer + Drum Programming
Jon Gagan – Fretless Electric Bass Guitar, Upright Acoustic Bass
Jeff Sussmann – Percussion