Marita: Shadows and Storms

Ottmar’s first CD was released during Santa Fe’s Indian Market, in August of 1989. The album was a collaboration between Liebert, who wrote and recorded the music and Frank Howell, who contributed drawings and poetry. Frank Howell’s printshop Master Editions produced 1,000 covers and as many CDs were manufactured. The edition was sold out by the end of the year, and Higher Octave Music signed Liebert to re-master and re-release the music under the title Nouveau Flamenco.

Out of Print • 01989-08-01

Track Listing

1 Amores: Marita I (Loves: Marita I) 4:26
2 Las Cartas Perdidas (Lost Letters) 4:15
3 Barcelona Nights 4:03
4 Adios a la Noche (Goodbye to the Night) 3:10
5 Marita Walking 4:18
6 Caros Rapidos y Mujeras (Cars and Fast Women) 4:12
7 Lonely Hours 4:49
8 An Answer (Mi Amor) 3:59
9 Passing Storm 3:53
10 An April Dream 3:30
11 Heart Still Beating 3:58
12 Blue Afternoons 1:41
13 Waiting for Stars to Fall 4:47
14 La Memoria (Memory) 3:15
15 Sudden Shadows 4:17
16 Amores: Marita II (Loves: Marita II) 2:15
Writing+ Publishing

Music written by Ottmar Liebert
Drawings and poetry by Frank Howell


Producer: Ottmar Liebert, Executive Producer: Frank Howell
Engineer: Randy Rand
Studio: Stepridge in Santa Fe, NM
Mixed by: Ottmar Liebert with Randy Rand
Mix Medium: DAT
Record Medium: 1/2" 16-Track Analog

Ottmar Liebert – Flamenco Guitar + Synthesizer
Jon Gagan – Bass
Jeff Sussmann – Percussion

Ottmar Liebert’s flamenco guitar was built by Lorenzo Pimentel

The first edition of Marita: Shadows and Storm is limited to 1000 discs.

All printed material was designed and produced at Master Editions of Santa Fe, New Mexico.