In the Arms of Love (Remastered)

This album was first released in 2002. In 2008 a new remaster by Jon Gagan was released on CD. Aside from the CD it was never released in the form of lossless files. I had a listen and remastered the album. To the original sequence I added three additional bonus tracks. Track #14 is a Canton Becker remix of “Quiet Dawn” from 2003. Tracks #15 + 16 are versions of “Dreaming On the Starlight Train” + “In the Arms of Love” with Jon Gagan playing bass. They were created around 2007. Go to Bandcamp to preview the music.


SSRI 902024 • 02020-11-06

Track Listing

1 In the Arms of Love (Remastered) 6:51
2 Sea of Tranquility (Remastered) 6:45
3 When I Close My Eyes (Remastered) 3:15
4 Dreaming On the Starlight Train (Remastered) 5:25
5 Ode 2 the Morning Star (Remastered) 6:32
6 Twilight Rain (Remastered) 5:39
7 Querencia (Remastered) 2:13
8 A Secret Garden (Remastered) 4:16
9 Caminar Solo (Remastered) 4:04
10 Quiet Dawn (Remastered) 3:47
11 Soft Blue Spiral (Remastered) 4:10
12 The Music Box (Remastered) 6:33
13 Waves of Sound (Remastered) 7:05
14 Quiet Dawn (Canton Becker Remix) 4:07
15 Dreaming On the Starlight Train (Version) 5:02
16 In the Arms of Love (Version) 8:19
Writing+ Publishing

All music written by OL.
Published by Luna Negra Music/BMI + administered by Holland Walk Muse.


Producer: OL
Engineer: Gary Lyons, OL + Jon Gagan
Studio: Oto-Mare, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Mastering: Oto-Mare, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Mixed by: OL + Gary Lyons
Mix Medium: Digital
Record Medium: Digital

OL – Guitars, Luitar + Synthesizer

OL played a Flamenco Guitar by Eric Sahlin, a Midi-Flamenco Guitar, custome electric guitar + fretless Luitar by Keith Vizcarra, a flattop steelstring guitar by Taylor. OL uses D’Addario strings on all of his guitars. 

Portraits of OL by Athi-Mara Magadi
All other photographs by OL
Design by Michael Motley