In the Arms of Love (2008)

Where are you? Gently rocking in the darkness, half-asleep, the shrouded landscape flickering past outside the window. You’re on a train, perhaps traveling through the Rockies, snug in a roomette. The muted chatter of the wheels on the rails, metric, polymetric, isometric… coming and going, going and coming. It’s music. Are you dreaming? Must be. The stars seem larger, their astrological patterns obviously navigating your journey. Anxiety is a thing of the past. Although you are alone, somehow you feel you are in the arms of love…. This is the ambiance of “Dreaming On The Starlight Train”, just one of several such quasi-mystical tracks on Ottmar Liebert’s CD, In The Arms Of Love. Yes, he actually uses a recording of a moving train as part of his instrumental. It’s background, almost a whisper, a subtlety in the overall mix of the soundscape… yes, “soundscape”, for that’s what this CD is. The 13 tracks make up a narrative, which is like a radio play without the dialogue… or a movie without the picture. – review



SSRI 902002 • 02008-04-15

Track Listing

1 In the Arms of Love 6:50
2 Sea of Tranquility 6:42
3 When I close my Eyes 3:15
4 Dreaming on the Starlight Train 5:28
5 Ode 2 the Morning Star (4 Rem) 6:34
6 Twilight Rain 5:44
7 Querencia 2:15
8 A Secret Garden 4:17
9 Caminar Solo: Walking Alone 4:06
10 Quiet Dawn 3:49
11 Soft Blue Spiral: The Lull of Falling Waters 4:12
12 The Music Box: Dreaming Next 2 U 6:33
13 Waves of Sound (4 Captain Eno) 7:10
Writing+ Publishing

All music written by OL.
Published by Luna Negra Music/BMI + administered by Holland Walk Muse.


Producer: OL
Engineer: Gary Lyons
Studio: Spiral Subwave Schtudio, Santa Fe
Mastering: Jon Gagan @ The Electric Company, Santa Fe
Mixed by: OL + Gary Lyons
Mix Medium: CD-R
Record Medium: Digital

Remastered in 2008 by Jon Gagan, Re-released by SSRI

OL – Guitars, Luitar + Synthesizer

OL played a Flamenco Guitar by Eric Sahlin, a Midi-Flamenco Guitar, custome electric guitar + fretless Luitar by Keith Vizcarra, a flattop steelstring guitar by Taylor. OL uses D’Addario strings on all of his guitars. OL + Luna Negra perform with Shure microphones + in-ear monitors.

Portraits of OL by Athi-Mara Magadi
All other photographs by OL
Design by Michael Motley