Borrasca means tempest or storm, and that’s exactly what Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra have created in the new age/world music arena. This CD had been eagerly anticipated and the reception was nothing short of phenomenal. This third release augments the “power-trio” approach of Ottmar with Jon Gagan (bass + keyboards) + Dave Bryant (percussion + drums) with special horn arrangements that lend an almost mariachi flavor and strong Latin appeal. Borrasca was nominated for a Grammy award and was certified Gold/USA + 4 x Platinum/USA Latin.
Total running time: 56:42

The Japanese Borrasca CD had a 16th track, an extended live version of La Rosa Negra, recorded at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco in 1991. The musicians were OL, Jon Gagan and Davo Bryant. An excerpt of the track is provided below.



Higher Octave Music 77529 • 01991-06-04

Track Listing

1 Isla del Sol 3:44
2 August Moon 4:11
3 In the Hands of Love 4:42
4 Dancing Under the Moon 4:38
5 Twilight in Galisteo 5:03
6 La Rosa Negra 4:25
7 Borrasca 3:34
8 Bullfighter's Dream 3:43
9 Thru the Trees/Cloudless Sky 3:58
10 La Aurora 4:07
11 Driving 2 Madrid (B4 the Storm) 4:08
12 The Storm Sings 3:59
13 Night in Granada 3:52
14 1st Rain/Cry of Faith 4:32
15 Bajo La Luna Mix 6:19
16 La Rosa Negra Live - Japan ONLY 9:08
Writing+ Publishing

All music written by OL.
Published by Higher Octave Music/BMI

Gold – USA
4 x Platinum – USA/Latin
Nominated for a 1991 Grammy


Producer: OL + Domenico Camardella
Engineer: Domenico Camardella
Studio: Sound Design in Santa Barbara, CA
Mastering: Joe Steiner @ FDS Labs
Mixed by: OL + Domenico Camardella
Mix Medium: DAT
Record Medium: 2" 24-Track Analog

OL – Flamenco Guitar
Jon Gagan – Bass, Synthesizer
Davo Bryant – Drums, Percussion + Palmas

Front – Greg Gorman
Back – Eric Swanson