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Become aware of the narrative 🌊 ocean you swim in. And then change it.

Like the fish who isn’t aware of the water that surrounds it, most of us are not aware of the stories that make up the world view that we have inherited. That world view not only doesn’t work, it leads us to ruin. 70% of wildlife has disappeared since the 1970’s. That’s such a terrible number that it is staggering.

So, if we are to change the culture that has led us down this pass, we first have to realize that we are swimming in water, we are shaped by these stories. We need to change the stories and thereby change the narrative and then change the collective course. If only more art and music was taught in schools, rather than concentrating on science and technology and math, we would find it easier to dream up new paths. Science, whoever powerful, doesn’t dream. Artists dream.


  1. JaneParham


    • JaneParham

      Wait! Science is born in imagination followed by hard development labor. Remember Einstein’s thought experiments, could be called dreams.

      • ottmar

        Sure, there are a few exceptions. Einstein was an amazing human no matter what he did. He also played the violin , I believe. So once again, an artist dreamed!

        • JaneParham

          What do you suppose Neanderthals dreamed about; what made the first one create art on the wall? How did the first one create a melody? How did they make the first word? We can only imagine those firsts. Burns my brain! I’m sure scientists are offering ideas on this. Must study

          • ottmar

            Singing came first, I imagine. Or was it a rhythm, banged against a piece of wood? Words came later.

  2. luna

    Ottmar, with Loving Respect, I offer a totally different perspective.

    Everyone IS an Artist-Dreamer. And Anything CAN Be Art.

    Our current cultural “judgements” (judgement is a violent part of the old distorted control/false power system that we are actually changing Now on the beautiful planet)
    of what Art is supposed to look like is shifting–meaning old beliefs are finally starting to dissolve and change drastically as things get “harder” personally and globally.

    Whether “Art and Imagination” has been nurtured or not in a person’s life IS the Story.

    Being a longtime “teacher” (and always a student too), for others from literally all ages and cultures and levels, IT IS NOT ABOUT what SUBJECT one studies or not (although that can Cultivate it). Music and Sound and Art and Movement no doubt change people and things, and Art can Be Anything, literally.

    CHANGE, real INTERNAL CHANGE IN HOW ONE VIEWS THEMSELF AND THE WORLD, and thus functions in it, is an internal process, such as the mantra you posted, reciting about ALL INDIVIDUALS BEING HAPPY, FEELING SAFE, HAVING ENOUGH, AND FEELING PEACE-EASE. I agree, And I feel that external wish for others actually begins with OUR OWN STORY RE.WRITE…FIRST ABOUT FEELING GOOD OURSELVES. I once heard a mantra that went,
    “I Love My Heart and Soul. ”
    “I Love All Humanity.”
    “Join Heart and Soul Together.”
    “Love, Peace and Harmony.”

    So How does that really happen? HOW do we each take that idea, wish and LAND IT IN PHYSICAL FORM? While bcoming aware of the “perspective or story or ocean that we each swim in personally,” is the start for sure…then what?

    Literally, How Does Anyone Manifest Change from one habit-pattern that does not support to a new upgraded habit-pattern that does? I believe it is a combo of the “seen” and “unseen” (mundane & alchemical) literally shifting our old “stagnant oceans” of internal thoughts/beliefs into new “flowing, oxygenated oceans of possibilities.” The key is HOW.

    My belief is that ANY subject that one teaches/studies CAN BE/IS AN ART within THE SUBJECT ITSELF. Like you wrote, it is All about perspective…….Becoming Aware of Your Personal old (ancestral?) Judgements or old Thought patterns that do not support Fresh Living and HeartJoy for Self and Others. It has been my experience that ANY SUBJECT CAN SUPPORT ANY PERSON COME BACK TO THEIR INNER ART/IMAGINATION, THEIR HEARTJOY & TRUE CONFIDENCE.
    This “new way of thinking & feeling” IS A CHOICE, and requires “teachers & students” (we all are both) to “radically for some people” keep an OPEN MIND AND OPEN HEART. Then old limiting beliefs/perspectives/ judgements that obviously do not work, cannot block the Alchemy from happening in the seeming Mundane routine of a subject, or specialty, or of anything.

    You know better than me that even the art of music or the practice/study of it can become “rote” and over “mentalized-mundane.” WHAT TRANSFORMS IT?!? WHAT literally ALLOWS A MUSICIAN TO BE ABLE TO KEEP “RECEIVING” NEW MUSIC?
    In past interviews you have spoken about that. When you and the band become in sync…..there is something magical that happens with no words or study or…that is a great example!! AND EVERYONE FEELS IT, you, the other musicians, the crew, the audience, the walls, the plants, the animals, the ground! IN THOSE MOMENTS EVERYTHING BECOMES IN SYNC ALCHEMICALLY, AND SHIFT HAPPENS, albeit even if only for a short time, BUT IT HAPPENS!
    So HOW do we land THAT in all areas of our lives For Longer Durations? Go back to Your Own Personal Ocean…and isn’t it interesting how everything is related? Reading music is math brain. Hot too hot feels cold. Cold too cold feels hot. When the world was on lockdown, the animals & air & plants & earth began to “restore to homeostasis” at a rapid rate.
    Perhaps we all need to come back to this more and more.


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