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#487. How (And Why) To Lose Yourself | Jay Garfield — Ten Percent Happier

Listened to this podcast today and loved it. Bargaining for oranges is a great example, as is the flow state of making music or playing sports. Check it out.


  1. anne

    He is a good teacher – maybe a rare teacher. I have listened to him speak on other topics. All great.

    “honey on a razor blade” imo, gets the point across in just a few words.

    What i do not quite understand why these experts – with such clear insightful minds just teach and write books. Some do consulting , but from my research it is limited in scope. When they get asked about the state of world – they all say the same thing – they are not optimistic…and that puzzles me. – its all i think about – how to get people like him more fully engaged.

  2. luna

    Hmmmm….without disrespect, but for me, in all this man’s incredible brilliance, academic vocabulary, and very logical ideas…..it Feels it is missing something.
    Selflessness Feels.
    From my simple perspective (sorry no $10 vocabulary), Self(lessness) seems more of an ever expanding awareness, not an illusion.
    I took some notes and listened with my eyes closed, like with music….I really wanted to Feel this man’s perspective and “hear” his words. And for me what kept coming up, and perhaps why he and other brilliant minds like him are so unoptimistic about the world currently, is that his perspective felt “flat”, uninspiring of Hope. It felt an “explanation without the spark” he spoke of in the bargaining for oranges, and there seemed no inclusion of Balance, or Neutrality, or Heart. It felt too mentally complicated for something very simple…Flow, Oneness, Emotions, Neutrality, Feelings, Soul, Spirit, Essence… I felt his idea was good and he meant well, but it felt like he would not be able to explain this concept to a kindergartner clearly……and that for me is the real “test” of any academic, philosophical idea or hypotheses. All he said made sense, but seemed more like personality dysfunctions he was describing as self illusion or moral & rational distortion.
    For me, I don’t think that not having a “self” will cure pain and suffering on the beautiful planet. I think that wholeheartedly focusing more attention and appreciation on living from Authentic Heart, Healthy Loving Connections, Balance, Neutrality, Healing back to an individual and collective Healthy Awareness of Oneness with everything is more “realistic” in these very changing times. I don’t know what I would name it, person, self, soul, spirit, essence, …? It seems when we humans can lose ourselves into Oneness or Full Presence, and come back to that Full Flow….that natural sense of Joy….be it in sports, music, loving, bargaining interactions, or just simple random acts of kindness for no reason, that is true self(lessness).


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