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Afghani Raga by Harry Manx, from the album Mantras for Madmen.

Check out the Wikipedia link for Harry Manx.

In 1990, while Manx was in Japan, he heard a recording of the Indian slide guitarist Vishwa Mohan Bhatt. When Manx met Bhatt for the first time in Rajasthan, he had been living in another part of India for years. He became a student of Bhatt’s and remained with him for five years. They travelled together in India and performed for large audiences.

If the name Vishwa Mohan Bhatt rings a bell, maybe you have heard the famous album he recorded with Ry Cooder, A Meeting by the River – on Apple Music, on Wikipedia.

Back to Harry Manx – once I started to listen to his music again, I came up with a little playlist of some of his songs, which I called “Blue Raga”.

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  1. JaneParhamKatz

    I love all these songs. They soothe the subtle ache in my heart left by lost lovers.


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