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On the last day of 2021 Jon Stewart tweeted this:

In 2021 I learned that I might owe 2020 an apology. Good riddance to a shit show of a year.

2020 was a mellow year for me. True, many people hated the lockdown and the lack of socializing, but for me that wasn’t really a hardship. Except for touring I do most of my work alone. Rilke once wrote that “works of art are of an infinite loneliness” and I relate to that. Music, writing, photography… they all have a quality of loneliness that I am comfortable with.

In contrast I found 2021 to be quite difficult, but much of that was of my own making… lots of change had to be orchestrated and dealt with. New things had to be discovered, figured out, and adjusted to. A difficult year but not a shit show.

Happy new year, to all of you. May it turn out to be one of the bright years.

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  1. Elisabeth

    Snowy Roofs,
    Sledges and scarves,
    Winters of my childhood,
    In a flake dancing on my window.

    May we always be amazed.


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