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This week I listened to a podcast interview with the British Author Martin Amis. He spoke about how an author is the host and the reader a guest and that 1a book is the co-creation of author and reader. No two readers create the same story from the words on the page.

from 2014-08-26

Music is a kind of alchemy. It involves the musicians and the listeners + together we make it what it becomes. This is especially true for instrumental music.
This is also true for performances. Maybe even more so. The audience performs alongside the band. Sometimes they don’t realize it, but it is so.

There is also my rant from the Nineties.


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Amis is really good. It’s rich to think of author as host and reader as his guest. Very considerate and far-reaching! I like many of his points, but his notion of “gynocracy” – rule by women – struck me. He felt there would be an end to wars and violence with women running governments.

    Ottmar, I was considering finding a piano teacher or coach, but in a way you are filling that role. I have learned from you much about rhythm, energy, focus, both from your playing and from your mind.

    Your idea of music as a kind of alchemy between musician and listeners is exciting. This led me to realize that I have been trying to enjoy my own piano playing as if I were a listener. No! It is my responsibility to give the music. The listeners take care of their part. Out of my control!

    I see I’ve never allowed myself to fully enter the music, but kept attention on the listeners (Even Imagined listeners). Ha ha! It’s as if I am beginning all over again, yet I am highly educated in music so my progress might be fast. We’ll see – I am so grateful for this revelation. You probably think I’m nutz. :-)

  2. JaneParhamKatz

    I just re-read your Letters to a Young Musician. Packed! I began weeping as I realized the fullness and Beauty of this writing. Thank you. I will be absorbing these Letters for a long time. It means a lot that this is Ottmar speaking!

    I consider myself a Young Musician, as I have merely been spinning the wheels of my musical development, until now.


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