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My favorite water container is a repurposed pickle jar. It can hold 16 ounces of water. Recipe: buy pickles and eat them. Put container in water until label peels off easily. Put the glass and top in dishwasher. The glass was usable after one wash, but it took six washes for the lid to lose its pickle sent. The top basically took up residence in the back of the dishwasher for a couple of weeks. And the water tastes better than out of any metal water bottle!


  1. S

    Put the lid out in the sun a day or two after you wash it first time.
    It will take care of the lingering pickle smell.

    • ottmar

      Great tip. Thanks!

  2. Will

    This is my life….I think my wife has many a jar and container just in case it can be reused. We use a lot of our old jars for making cold brewed coffee for the week.


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