The sun is behind a curtain of smoke from several wildfires.

As of this week the new album is basically done. There are a few adjustments to be made, final masters to be run, codes to be added to files, credits to be written, cover art to be decided etc.


vision 2020 (lockdown version)

– available from Bandcamp sometime next month

– available from streaming services sometime in March of next year

vision 2020 (full version)

– I expect this to be available from Bandcamp sometime in January and from streaming services six months after that.

I want to make a CD, but there is no timeline for that yet. The CD will have a mix of tracks from the lockdown and the full version. I won’t have CDs manufactured until touring starts in earnest. Nobody knows when that will happen.

Interview with Jon Gagan

I have given many many interviews in the past thirty years, in person and on the phone, and usually I know within two minutes whether the interview will be fun and interesting or whether it will be an incredible drag. I appreciate the art of asking questions and this year I decided that I want to learn more about it. As I do with most subjects I am interested in I prefer to jump in with both feet and do it and learn from that doing.

This is my first attempt… completely unedited. I asked Jon to be my subject and he agreed. Having known each other for a long long time made the interview easier and also more difficult. Most of these subjects we have covered before, while sitting in a cafe or while driving or flying to a gig.

I used Zoom to record our call. Our voices aren’t well balanced as mine is a little louder and has more room sound/reverb. I am guessing that Jon’s voice was processed by Zoom and that the app might have automatically removed the room sound from it. I should have used a headset for a better sound on my end. I think the interview would have benefitted from being a little shorter and tighter. This is a work in progress and I will attempt to do more interviews.


photo by Lisana

I am working on one more song for the album and am starting to get imagery together for the cover design.