Six Months

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Six songs are basically finished now. Well, as finished as they can be without actually getting together with musicians in the studio. Meaning that all performances belong to Jon and me and no one else… Basically they are Dropbox recordings. (((we share files via Dropbox and have been doing that for many years))) I haven’t actually seen Jon in months. We had a zoom dinner, which was great, but we haven’t been in the studio together. At some point Robby and Char, percussion/drums and accordion, will record for this album, but there is a beauty to the music as it is and as it reflects my feelings and my work of the first half of 2020.

I am thinking of releasing these six songs as an EP this summer and then releasing the finished and polished album later this year.

If I release the EP this summer I will focus my attention on slow2, a new album that follows the sound of slow, while adding upright bass to the palette.

PS: ha! I already have eight songs, not six.


  1. Denise

    The songs on the Slow album are really beautiful, beauty in every song and the inspiration of a poet in the song titles and the album cover is beautiful too. I think that if Slow2 is a reflection of your feelings, like the beauty of your mind, then they will be new inspiring and captivating songs

  2. JaneParhamKatz

    You may have a full album before you know it! Looking forward to your next streaming production, too! LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED….


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