Live Streaming Schedule

The next live-streaming performances are scheduled for next Thursday, July 2nd, @ 7:30pm + the following Tuesday, July 7th, @ 11:30am. Those are Santa Fe times – Mountain Daylight Time.


The performances are free, but a $10 donation is suggested.

Direct Donation Link:

You can follow the stream in your browser or you can download a Twitch app for your device here.

If you want to send photos from your live-stream experience please email them to me at this address.

Santa Cruz Reservoir 2

Here are a couple of photos from my short trip to the Santa Cruz Reservoir this week. After 34 years of living in Santa Fe the New Mexico landscape continues to move me. Space to get lost in.

Are there really people without resentment…

Here is a quote from Ursula LeGuin’s book The Lathe of Heaven

“Are there really people without resentment, without hate? she wondered. People who never go cross-grained to the universe? Who recognize evil, and resist evil, and yet are utterly unaffected by it?

Of course there are. Countless, the living and the dead. Those who have returned in pure compassion to the wheel, those who follow the way that cannot be followed without knowing they follow it, the sharecropper’s wife in Alabama and the lama in Tibet and the entomologist in Peru and the mill worker in Odessa and the greengrocer in London and the goatherd in Nigeria and the old, old man sharpening a stick by a dry streambed somewhere in Australia, and all the others. There is not one of us who has not known them There are enough of them, enough to keep us going. Perhaps.”

I read the book a while ago but was reminded of the quote here.


Tuesday afternoon. Rain is falling. Windows and doors are open and the house inhales the petrichor. It’s a lovely scent and I never tire of it.

Petrichor is the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil. The word is constructed from Greek petra, “rock”, or petros, “stone”, and īchōr, the fluid that flows in the veins of the gods in Greek mythology.