Moths, moths, moths everywhere in Santa Fe. They love squeezing between window and frame, or doors and the frame. Shaking a bundle of keys makes them take off. I bought a high pitched wind chime and that seems to work. I have not seen this many moths in Santa Fe in thirty years.

If butterflies are elves then moths are Orcs!

… and so it goes

I think it is the power supply of the G4 that has been dying. I found an identical machine for $270 and bought it. It won’t arrive here before the end of next week and then I’ll have to move the hard drives and the RAM over from the old Old machine to the new Old machine. Hopefully it will work out and I can keep working. When the album is finished I will have the peace of mind to update my system and method.

Oh, and the odd iMac keyboard with a power button that was said to turn the G4 on… didn’t work.

2003 G4

Internal battery replacement – check
PMU reset – check
PRAM reset – check
NVRAM reset – check
Computer starts up on the table, with only one monitor and a keyboard and mouse connected – check
Retains time and date – check
Start up in the enclosure with one monitor, a keyboard and mouse connected
Start up with Ethernet cable attached – check
Start up with ProTools cables attached – check
Open PT software – check
Shut down computer and plug in monitor extension – crickets
Pull G4 out of enclosure and try to start – crickets

Summer Sea Breeze

August at Akiko’s is a film that takes place in Hawaii. Variety called it Cool and calming as a summer sea breeze. In other words, it is perfect for this moment. Here is the trailer. Akiko’s Buddhist Bed and Breakfast appears to be a real place, too. One day, I will stay there. I saw the film last week and still often think about it. For me good films have an aftertaste, a lingering quality, a scent that remains… Enjoy!