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My left index finger is doing much better. I searched my house and found seven ten thirteen sets of guitar strings, so far. D’Addario had to suspend manufacture and I don’t know when I will get more strings…


  1. JaneParhamKatz

    Good, good! Please be careful with those fingers!

    I just saw an artistic YouTube video of SURRENDER TO LOVE showing only your left hand on the strings. Loved it! That song would make anyone surrender!

    How long does a set of strings last you? Listen, if you can’t get strings, our culture is teetering on collapse. How about fellow guitarists in Mexico? They must have a source. Or maybe Hong Kong or South Korea where the CV is getting under control. Google “Guitar strings Hong Kong” – I saw a bunch. Probably not up to your standard, but heck.

    • JaneParhamKatz

      You must have guitar strings hiding in every nook and cranny. How many more may you find!


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