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The Irish tell the story of a man who arrives at the gates of heaven asking to be let in, and Saint Peter says, “Of course! Just show us your scars.” The man says, “But…I have no scars,” and Saint Peter answers, “What a pity. Was there nothing worth fighting for?”

We musicians are used to fighting. For our livelihoods, for our families, for our hopes and dreams, for our calling. For our profession.


The Irish have a good story for everything. :-)
And right now everyone can relate to these words, not just musicians.

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  1. JaneParhamKatz

    I have scars, but most are healed. I left classical music management in NYC raging and screaming. Later I realized the 10% of the world that supports classical music is enough.

    Here is my story, here is my smile, my lovesong:

    I love you as the trees love the spring.
    I love you as the voice loves to sing.
    I love you as the stars love the sea.
    I love you as the I AM loves me.


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