Limited Edition

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Would love to find out whether that works out for Robbie Robertson. As you can see here, the Limited Edition (2,500 pieces) version of his new album costs $300. I wonder which artist I would be willing to pay that kind of money to. I have bought some fancy Miles Davis packages, but they included a lot more music. Tarot cards? Really??

PS: I think the reason I would not be interested in this package is that it does not feel artistic to me. Playing cards, a stamp and photos – it feels like somebody tried hard to think of what they could throw at a fancy package. Maybe they should have add chewing gum?


  1. yumi

    2,500 pieces at $300 ea…

    I can’t possibly see that selling well enough to make any profit.

    IChing, instead of Tarot?

  2. yumi

    Limited Edition p.s.:

    My first thought was that it was too cluttered…trying to fuse small parts together.


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