Friday in Seattle

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Friday in Seattle. We arrived on Wednesday afternoon. From our hotel I took a cab into the center, where I stay at a small apartment above the Triple Door. It can be noisy, and sometimes I am woken up by trash containers being moved at 3AM, but it’s right where I want to be, within walking distance of good coffee and food and everything else. Like Yoshi’s in San Francisco the Triple Door is run very well, has great food and a very nice stage and sound system. What’s not to like!

Yesterday was a classic Seattle Summer’s day, cold and drizzly – I enjoyed it. I think my body would prefer this Seattle climate over 115º temperatures and sunshine.

I finished reading “At Home” by Bill Bryson yesterday. I have to admit, things are getting better, though never quickly enough for me… what a generalization that is, but go ahead and read the book and you’ll know what I mean! Entertaining and educating, a winning combination.

What a fine quote:

Quote Vadis – Quotes, Inspiration, Wisdom
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts.

Check out this food van I saw in Seattle yesterday. (more mobile phone images here)

I find it interesting that the people who protest copyright enforcement the most are often people who make a living from speaking out against copyright enforcement… they travel around the world in style and are paid hefty sums for speaking/preaching on behalf of all things “open”, of “creative commons” and so on…

Twitter / @JPBarlow: Big Brother arrives as Com …
Big Brother arrives as Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, Time-Warner, Cablevision on leash of RIAA & MPAA.

Mind you I haven’t yet studied this new initiative, called Big Brother in the above tweet, and will comment on it some other time.

And this had me baffled this morning…

Twitter / @Joi: Me: “Open will eventually …
Me: “Open will eventually overtake Apple’s closed ecosystem” – Spanish newspaper headline: “Apple is dead – Ito”

What is the statement based on, except that person’s hope or desire? What a foolish statement to make in an interview. And then I started thinking about what “open” is supposed to mean. The art I enjoy the most, both music and painting, is art that was created by one person, in a room, by him/herself, not by committee, not by a group. And what is “open” in relation to Android and Google? Perhaps it is just a way to gain more eyeballs for advertising and personal data mining. You won’t find me on Google+ for that very reason. Google already knows enough about me, I think.


  1. yumi

    I saw that Ito quote and didn’t bother to research it thinking it was a politic statement used to be sensational, but in poor taste.

  2. Luz

    Yes, I would gladly prefer cold and drizzly over hot & humid temps above 100 anyday!

  3. dave

    For some reason that food van makes me think of pulled BBQ pork sandwiches. I don’t know what it is.

  4. Kaz

    Thank you Ottmar, for demystifying ‘Misters’ for me ..I can stop scratching my head now! ;)

  5. Brenda

    Yes, pulled pork, barbecue sauce and only homedmade coleslaw. Yum!

  6. Keith

    Amazing performance Friday, thank you!! Happy to hear you enjoyed your time in Seattle and the coffe Ladro. If there’s one thing we do right around here it’s coffee.

  7. yumi

    Everyone is entitle to the facts, but not their own conclusion.

    A little change.
    I could hear a math teacher in my head saying to his students, “Yes. That in not correct”.

  8. Brenda

    Yes, only one set of facts. Infinity of opionions.

  9. steve

    How about this as a quote:

    “Open will eat itself”

    Think about this: Linus Torvalds started “Linux” back around 1992. Today there are something like 600 distributions of Linux. Now, I’m as much a fan of the open source movement as the next geek (though I prefer NetBSD) but 600 distributions of Linux? Who’s minding the store?

  10. Panj

    Nice to know that while you are in Livermore today and tonight…it is actually cool there…:-)…Have a really good Concert and God Speed in your travels!

  11. Ottmar

    kaz: you are welcome

    yumi: you wrote “Everyone is entitled to the facts, but not their own conclusion.” – which seems to me the exact opposite of what the quote was about, yes? Fact are facts and remain the same. Interpretation of those facts can be argued, but not the facts themselves.

    Brenda: indeed

    steve: “open” has become a marketing slogan, hasn’t it, something that works as an ideal, but is not quite useful in reality.

    panj: vielen Dank!


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