Soundcheck at the Tupelo Music Hall in White River Junction, Vermont, on May 8th. Photograph by Matt Callahan.


I haven’t started going through the many recordings from the last tour. We did 20 performances in 20 days and most of them, perhaps 15, were recorded. I will offer a full concert download in this Journal before shutting it down, even if that means keeping it open for some of June.

Here is an announcement for this Friday’s concert at the KiMo in Albuquerque.

This is a photo Matt took at soundcheck in Vermont:

Formula One Guitar
Fernando Alonso Canada 2010 lap on slide guitar (YouTube)

…needs a bit of heavy metal drumming and bass, doesn’t it?
This is how the author arrives at the sound:

Formula 1 Guitar
When I started thinking about how to make my guitar videos, I first calculated the theoretical pitch of current Formula 1 V8 engines. This way, we have the revolutions limit in 18000 rpm, which is 300 revolutions per second, that is 300 Hz. Given that a four-stroke engine cylinder has one explosion for every two revolutions, we have 150 explosions per second per cylinder. Therefore, the eight cylinders of a V8 engine make for a total of 1200 explosions per second, that is a sound of 1200 Hz, which is a musical note slightly above D6. However, the actual sound we hear on TV onboard laps has a predominant frequency of 600 Hz when the engine is on top revolutions, which is a subdivision of the 1200 Hz theoretical sound. That is the main frequency I play on my guitar videos, using appropriately tuned third and fourth strings past 22nd fret to have a 600 Hz sound (D5).

You can find more Formula One Guitar here

Here is a GIF I found somewhere a while ago- it just goes on forever…

Why Berlin Fascinates – Speakeasy – WSJ
Why Berlin Fascinates – Building Better Bicycle Cultures
Bicycle Magnets

YouTube – How to Dial a Rotary Telephone
How to Dial a Rotary Telephone


Here are a few images from last night at the Dakota in Minneapolis. They were emailed to us with this message:

Here are a few images from last nights 9pm show. We’ve been fans from the beginning. If you wish to use any of these images I can send you high res files. I don’t want anything for them. If you use them just give photo credit to “Andreasen Photography”


Done, and thank you, Marty! We had a blast at the Dakota last night.


We arrived in Minneapolis this Morning. The bus parked around the corner from the Dakota and we had coffee at Dunn, down the street. Then, while waiting for hotel rooms to become available, I walked to Cafe Lorcat, which I remember as the Loring Cafe from the Nineties, and around the Walker Art Museum. It’s a lovely Spring day here. The sun is shining, it is nearly 70º, and there are lots of bicyclists everywhere. I think I’ll walk some more this afternoon…

Hemp for Victory — Marginal Revolution
The film has an interesting history. For decades the USDA and the Library of Congress denied that such a thing had ever been made but in 1976 Rastafarians delivered a copy to a reporter in Florida.