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The first image is from Tupelo’s in White River Junction, Vermont. It shows the way we set up on stage – pretty much the way we have always set up.

The second image shows Michael’s new percussion kit. From L to R, the tiny hi-hats, the djembe with snare-attachment, the cajon on which he sits, the kick drum, the small frame drum (in a snare stand) and the bag of sticks. I don’t think he uses regular drum sticks at all with this kit. Often he uses a different kind of stick in each hand.

The third image shows the snares – two different kinds, each creating a different sound:

The fourth image shows how tiny the hi-hats are:

Some of the sticks:

…and more sticks:

And from a different angle:

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  1. dave

    The new drum kit sounds great. It fit in nicely & wasn’t overpowering in the small venues where I saw you play.


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