Bathroom Walls

Downtown Subscription installed blackboards in their bathrooms. The banter, not surprisingly, is about the same quality as comments on YouTube. I was moved to add something to the conversation. I added too much time.


Drumkit rental #2, Palm Beach:

Images from the Duncan Theater:

Facebook’s ‘Sponsored Stories’ Turns Your News Feed Activity Into Ads
Facebook is rolling out a new advertising format called Sponsored Stories, which allows advertisers to prioritize content from the News Feed by turning your Facebook activity into promoted content.

Here’s how it works: If one of your Page updates, Likes, app interactions or Place check-ins mention a participating brand, that story will appear in the column that appears at the right of your friends’ News Feeds. “For example,” writes Advertising Age, “if Starbucks buys a ‘sponsored story’ ad, the status of a user’s friends who check into or ‘like’ Starbucks will run twice: once in the user’s news feed, and again as a paid ad for Starbucks.”

Sponsored Stories are seen only by your friends that would normally see your stories in their News Feeds. However, according to the product’s help page , there is no op-out option for Sponsored Stories.

…there is no op-out option for Sponsored Stories. Ha Ha!!

From the latest Upaya newsletter:

Lately this economic success is starting to affect the culture — our dating lives, our marriages, how we raise our children. The phrase “first-born son” is so deeply ingrained in our culture that this statistic alone opened my eyes: In American fertility clinics, 75 percent of couples are requesting girls.

Here is a little humor for you: The State of the Web

Toy Thailand, a tilt-shift video. (Vimeo)

Cell Phones the new cigarettes?


This time we set up the drumkit and percussion so that Michael and Houman would face each other and could see Jon and I easily. It also reduced the sound of the drumkit to the audience (((drumkits are designed to spread maximum sound forward, not side-ways))) and I was told that the balance sounded better than last year with the plastic shield around the drums:

Shadow on Houman’s cajon:

Chairs backstage at the Duncan Theatre.

This was our second performance together and one of our best concerts in quite a while, Jon and I thought. Everything came together. The grooves were very good and musically we stepped into nice territory. We were all thrilled and elated afterwards. Jaren made a recording, but the CD is with him at the moment. As soon as I get it in the mail I will upload a few songs for you to hear.

You can view cell phone snapshots from this tour here.


Set List for Orlando and Palm Beach:

01 Untitled (New Arabic)
02 Passing Storm
03 La Luna
04 Borrasca
05 On the Road to Shiraz
06 Dancing Alone
07 Snakecharmer


08 Solea por Bulerias (duet with Houman)
09 Untitled (New Tangos/Rumba)
10 Heart Still/Beating
11 Up Close
12 Santa Fe
13 Turkish Night
14 Backwards Firefly
15 2 the Night


16 Barcelona Nights

For Clearwater/Tampa we had to change the set list, because we were to do two 75-80 minute shows.

Russian mp3 Vendors

Adam Solomon commented on 2011/01/15 at 12:24 – found it today as WordPress thought it was spam:

Well, that’s interesting – click one of the download links and you’re not brought to Rapidshare but rather to a page like this:

So they’re not being given away. The prices are dirt cheap so I’d think there’s still something fishy going on. My first guess was that this site is making a pure profit off this and not giving any proceeds to copyright holders, but their legal info page at least claims otherwise:

It cites Russian copyright law (which might well be a loophole) but claims “In accordance with the License provisions, MUSICLINE LTD executes license payments for all compositions downloaded from the site subject to International Copyright Law.” Do you know if you’d see any money from sales on sites like this?

Adam I have mentioned Russian piracy several times before. Russia simply does not have a digital copyright law and the website you are citing from makes up bullshit to snow people who do not know better. The prices are so low because no artist or label receives a damned cent from these pirates. One would think the Russian government is to blame for not signing the international copyright treaty for digital downloads or for not creating a digital copyright law for Russia.

Sadly many people read the legal bullshit, which is entirely made up and often even includes fake and worthless certificates, and think that they are doing something legal.

And these guys seem to change URLs frequently, I suspect they are the same folks who ran and others.