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This email was sent to all subscribers this Morning:

Dear Ottmar-Friends subscriber,

Thank you for being part of the experiment we started in February of last year, to offer original content in the form of text, photography, and of course music, for a low annual subscription fee.

Unfortunately, the work to reward ratio has made it difficult to sustain the experiment. Though you yourself expressed a commendable interest in the Ottmar-Friends business model, it seems that the pervading expectation on the Internet is that this type of content should be free.

As such, I decided that our pay-for-content blog experiment will come to an end. We will wind it down as follows:

1) You may have already received an automated notice from PayPal stating that your subscription has been cancelled. No worries, this just means we’ve told PayPal not to charge your card again.

2) Regardless of when your subscription was scheduled to run out — next week, next month or next Spring — you will continue to have access to the backstage area until May 31st of 2011. On that day Ottmar-Friends will close its doors. Until the end of May I will continue to add content, including photographs and music.

Thank you again for your subscription to this project. Between now and when the site closes, I hope you continue to enjoy the music, photography and conversations found on Ottmar-Friends.

ottmar +
Santa Fe • New Mexico • Turtle Island


  1. dave

    This is a bummer.

  2. david

    this will be missed but iv in injoy the ride thanks ottmar

  3. yumi

    From the moment that Ottmar – Friends existed, it has been wonderful, innovative and generous with the music, thoughts and photography.

    It has been very special.

  4. Victor Hornback

    Truth is that there isn’t this type of content elsewhere on the Internet. Musical artists may be blogging and tweeting but not with this kind of invitation to share insight and pre-release work – next best thing to riding along on the tour bus really!

    This has been an enjoyable journey – thank you Ottmar!

  5. Jackie

    I don’t know if a year will be long enough for me to get use to the idea of not being able to read your journal and enjoy your insights and outstanding photography, but it has been a wonderful experience and I appreciate that you have shared with us for as long as you have.

  6. Guy

    I posted this on Wednesday’s comment section but I’ll post it again:

    May 31st of 2011 will be a sad day indeed….

    I want to thank you in advance for letting me and your fellow ‘Ottmarians’ (or Liebertans?) enter your world, your universe, on a more, shall I say, personal level…

    Until then, keep up the wonderful work…

  7. Vic

    Truly sad news as this is a very unique and special place for those who enjoy the music, photography, thoughts and words that are shared here.

    I for one, hope that the work to reward ratio changes to the positive, from now until next May, so that you can justify the experiment and keep it online for us.

    For now, I will continue to enjoy the privilege of being a subscriber here and to the world of music and art that is Ottmar-Friends.

    Looking forward to an evening of outstanding music tomorrow, with you and Luna Negra at the Catalina Bar & Grill.


  8. Adam Solomon

    Bad news, but I guess it’s hard to make this sort of thing work on the internet these days. Enjoyed it while it lasted, and I’m so glad we have almost another year here!

  9. steve

    Well, I’m glad I was part of the conversation.

  10. Panj

    AMEN, Vic…I also hope that something will change for a more positive reward ratio…as I said in my email response, I would gladly pay more to help keep this ‘experiment’ going!!! It has brought so much beauty into my Life and is depressing to think of going without! Jackie hit the nail on the head…”I don’t know if a year will be long enough for me to get use to the idea”, and as Guy put it so beautifully, we ARE Ottmarians & Liebertans :-)))
    Thank You so much for inviting us into your world so deeply and God Speed to you all on this Tour!!!

  11. Brenda

    Thank you for inviting us to Tour with you as “Ottmar-Friends” in February of 2009. It has been a delightful journey of fun, friends, growth, techno, photos, innovative, educational, entertaining, spiritual, soulful, and just plain real; ahh yes soooooooooooooo good! We have loved being at part of “your experiment”. THANK SO MUCH! Thank goodness we get an encore of “just a little bit more”.
    Appreciate you.

  12. Günter

    Sad news! I enjoy and appreciate Ottmar-friends so much that I cannot imagine it not being there in the future. Is there any chance of continuing some sort of sharing thoughts and ideas together with a minimum effort for you. Maybe some kind of just one post of your thoughts a week/fortnight with a possibility of us reacting and interacting and nothing else, so that the effort for you would be managable? Please don’t let that wonderful and inspiring place here not die altogether. But also, thank you so much for the heart and soul you put into Ottmar-Friends. It is really unique!

  13. Brenda

    Encore! Applause! YEOOOOOWEEE! More! It is Monday…

  14. Rambila Zavala

    For me this news is sad, I cannot imagine May 31st of 2011, when Ottmar-friends closes its doors. Ottmar thanks for share with us your thinking, your music, your pictures. This site is and will be a nice place because inspires with peace and harmony.

    O-F will keep in my heart.

    Ottmar If someday you want continue with your experiment I would like remain part of it. GÜnter and I we want more of ottmar-friends

    Kisses and hugs

  15. Brenda

    Enjoy your face to face journey of music that will inspire growth of tomorrows for years to come because Ottmar Friends will always be waiting.

  16. David

    Ottmar-Friends reminds me of the short story form, whereby the reader joins a narrative already in progress. The reader is then enmeshed for a time (all too short if the story is compelling), but inevitably reader and narrative must part to resume their previous trajectories.

    However brief the merger, a few short stories can be far more memorable than an epic novel. Fewer still will stay with the reader for a lifetime.

    Danke für die Darstellung Herr Liebert. Thank you for the Narrative.


  17. Rambila Zavala

    I’ll remember Ottmar Friends, for me is a beautiful experience.

    Thanks Ottmar, Let’s waiting for a new experiment.

  18. Kaz

    It was an amazing experience and journey. You are truly a prophet not only of your music but of goodness and peace. Your ‘Ottmar-Friends Subscription’ may come to an end, but the ‘Ottmar-Friends’ will play on 4ever.

    Thank you.


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