Wednesday in San Francisco

I added the first images to the new photoblog, which you can find here. It’s non-flash, and therefore phone and iPad friendly. There are no dates, but the photos start at the bottom and move chronologically to the top.

This Morning we arrived at our hotel in San Francisco, where it is pleasantly cool – I will try to retain cellular memory of this when we arrive in Phoenix or Vegas… Matt, Jon and I walked to Blue Bottle for coffee and breakfast. As nice as I remembered…

Tuesday in Santa Barbara

Late Tuesday morning I accompanied our tour manager to WheelHouse on Cota Street, who deal in Dutch bikes. She had tried out my Brompton and wanted to buy a comfortable bicycle for Santa Fe. After test-riding a few different bikes she settled on a beautiful black Oma-Fiet – Oma means Grandmother in Dutch and German – which she rode to the gig.

A full house at the SOhO. Lively crowd. We played the whole set for the first time, which I think was more than two hours long – nineteen songs!!! World-debut of a new song I first mentioned here, but which has, of course, mutated into something else with the band. A couple of photos from the SOhO:

After the gig, after loading out, and before the bike was safely stowed away, Jon Gagan was seen riding our tour manager’s new bike, a beatific grin on his face that reminded everyone of a boy riding his bike. I didn’t see it – I was having a drink with friends at Roy’s – but I know what went through his head. I might sell my fixie and get me a Opa-fiet when I get home!! So comfortable and fun!

Sunday in L.A.

Photographs by Joe Mozdzen. Catalina’s Jazz Club in Los Angeles, on Saturday Evening:

Great shot of Jon through the drum barrier:

Photo by Matt Callahan, during soundcheck:

From his photostream.