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Mark can read minds, it seems. Yes, we have been working on something like that. We want to make this exclusive offer to the subscribers, you:

As you know, the official release date of the new album is 2010-06-15. Our plan is to have a very simple order page, available to subsribers only, on 2010-06-01, two weeks before the release. Subscribers will be able to order the regular CD album as well as the limited edition HD-FLAC package and I will sign every album, should you want me to. There will be a comment field that will allow you to enter information so I can personalize the autograph with Happy Birthday Aunt Betty or something like that (((and Christmas is only eight months away…)))

This pre-sale order page will only be available for the two weeks leading up to the release date.


  1. Luz

    Yes! Membership has its privileges. ;-) Thank you!

  2. Adam Solomon

    Membership does have its privileges! I thought that the previews of the new album were a privilege, too, but now I think they’re a curse, because they make it that much harder to wait till June ;)

  3. Brenda

    Hotdog!!!!!! Sounds like a winner to me!!!!

  4. LindaW

    Membership is special! This is beyond generosity on your part Ottmar, I sincerely thank you in advance!!

    (is it June yet?) ;-)

  5. Panj

    Fantastic!!!….:-)))….already thinking of Gift possibilities! Thanks!!!

  6. Kaz

    Are we there yet??? ;)

  7. Jackie

    Lost my membership for a few weeks (cc expiration date changed) and just renewed a few minutes ago and saw this post! It truely is, my lucky day!!!!

  8. James

    Great plan, count me in!

  9. Michael C.

    Nothing like fresh music for the long hot summer and beyond. Where does the queue start? Thank you.


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