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02008-08-21 | Music, Touring | 5 comments

Canton and I brainstormed on a sweeping web site remodel. A lot of groovy ideas came up. It’s about time we shake the cobwebs out. Canton built our first web site 12 years ago… remember Pandora’s box?

August 29th’s concert near Denver will feature Souhail Kaspar on percussion instead of Davo Bryant.


  1. Carol

    I sure do. It was perfect for the time. And there was shades of it on Opium back when I could get the visual. There were photos on that I’m still waiting to see on your site.

  2. Anonymous

    What a blessing for both of you to have a comfort zone of creativity! Wishing you both much joy to your new vision!
    You’ll never know unless you try!
    As your site is very new to me, awe yes, I like what I have found. Yes, I am sure that your new web site will always take me through a thought provoking stretch of my knowlege. Wow – it could use a little stretching in search of knowledge. :) Thanks again!

  3. ARS

    Netscape? What’s that? A movie? :)

  4. Boris

    Pandora’s Box was the very first thing I saw from you in the online world! How long was it up?

  5. Carol

    Denver could be a busy little village what with the Dem. convention just winding down.


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