June Taylor Jams

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June Taylor Jams
June Taylor makes small batches of some of the most mouth-watering jams, preserves, syrups and marmalades we’ve tasted. In this video, June modestly shares her artisan and old-world techniques, explaining how nature helps dictate exotic flavor combinations like Strawberry and Provençal Lavender and how she takes into consideration even the tiniest of details, such as the shape and size of the pieces of fruit. It’s a window into an exceedingly rare level of art and craft.


  1. yumi

    Cooked first and then,
    watched this video.

    That was perfect.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing about June Taylor Jams within your website! What a memory opened for me of my Grandmother and Mother peeling bushels of peaches in preparation of making homemade preserves and canning peaches for winter. We did not eat one fresh peach during the summer but it always seemed to be the coldest snowy day of winter that the beautiful jar of peaches was set on the table for us to share within the love of our family. Peach preserves were made from the little pieces of peaches and they were enjoyed in the mornings on toast or homemade bisquits. But Mom, would allow me to eat the peeling during the summer and on rare occasions I did get slice of juicy fresh peach.


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