Thursday in Tucson

Last week I made a whole bunch of radio edits for “The Scent of Light”. Very strange, to try to condense an 8 minute piece into a mere 3 1/2 minutes. Like cutting adjectives out of a sentence… Although, in some cases a very different song appeared, which made the editing/shortening process interesting.
Leaves against Color
Early morning walk in Tucson.

Sitting in “Shot in the Dark” in Tucson with Jon. Good coffee and free Wi-Fi. 100º in Tucson today, 108º in Phoenix tomorrow.
Downtown Wigs

Back at the Fox they are changing the sign:
Changing the Sign

C suggested that the editing might be similar to removing vowels…

Lst wk md whl bnch f rd dts fr “Th Scnt f Lght”. Vry strng, t try t cndns n 8 mnt pc nt mr 3 1/2 mnts. Lk cttng djctvs t f sntnc… lthgh, n sm css vry dffrnt sng pprd, whch md th dtng/shrtnng prcss ntrstng.

Maybe I’ll post one or two of the edits here. In some cases a new piece appears and it’s nice.

PS: The audience at the Fox in Tucson tonight was fantastic. Thank you!!

Stevo took this photo of the stage in the Fox Theater:

Link to Stevo’s impressions

Wednesday in Santa Fe

Got up early. Had to drive to Albuquerque and back – but that’s a story for another day.

Brief rehearsal 1200-1400 before packing up everything. Band sounded very good. We will play most of the songs from the new album.

After the gear left, I started packing.

It rained a few drops while the sun shone brightly. My mother called that “Im Himmel ist Jahrmarkt”. Himmel can mean Sky or Heaven in German, but in this case the meaning is there is a fair in heaven – meaning the angels are drunk and flipped the switches for rain and sunshine at the same time…

Am still packing.

The Scent of Light is in the digital distribution pipeline. Expect it on iTunes and amazon and all the other sites next week, or the week after that. You can always buy it and download it from us instead.

Adam reviews “The Scent of Light”

Stevo took this photo before we let Santa Fe:

Where does petroleum oil come from?

Where does petroleum oil come from?
1. Oil comes from algae
“The conventional wisdom is that oil descends from algae from eons ago. Lots and lots of algae. Unimaginable mounds of dead algae in quantities no longer found on this planet, pressed, and cooked into hydrocarbon liquids.”

2. Oil is abiogenic (non-organic)
“Others, notably the Russians, have an alternative theory that oil comes from non-biological carbon compounds deep in this planet, like the methane oceans we find on other planets.”

3. Oil is produced by bacteria
“An emerging third theory is that bacteria living within rocks produce oil. In this theory there is a biological component (the bacteria) which constitute the oil-generating process, but the originating material in not degraded organic material, but rather geological carbon gases.”

Kevin says “In any case I am betting on bacteria as the creators of oil simply because I’ve learned to never bet against bacteria.”
(Via BoingBoing)

Tuesday in Santa Fe

Read in Brian Eno‘s 1995 diary “A Year with Swollen Appendices” last night. A sentence on the subject of different cultures generally preferring different drugs, stuck with me:

Do the drugs arise from the culture or the culture from the drugs.

Good question. Both?

Today is the 49th day of my dad’s passing. Lit incense in the morning.

Rehearsal 10:00-15:00
Phone interview 1600-1700

Made dinner (((spaghetti carbonara and a green salad with dates and broccolini))) for Arthur Meyerson and Antonin Kratochvil (((check out this portrait slideshow))) who were a joy to hang out with.

By the way, on Sunday I changed my Flickr photos (all 10,000 of them) from a Creative Commons license to full copyright. At the time I wrote:

I like that there are photographers who make a living taking great pictures, who spend their days stalking the light and hounding the moments. Maybe all those amateurs, like myself, who make their photos available for free via a CC license are NOT helping their situation. So I changed all of my Flickr pics to a full copyright.

I like that there are professional photographers who think about photography 24/7. I like that there are professional musicians that think about music 24/7. By switching to a full copyright I am removing all of my photos from any future CC searches. There are many designers, publishers, writers that currently have Flickr accounts, not to share photos but to search for free content they can use for their work. I no longer think that is OK.

I am currently thinking about giving up on the CC license for my CDs and the ListeningLounge. (((If and when I make that change it will not effect any music downloaded or used prior to the moment that I change the license.))) The internet is the wild west of the 21st century. We are making up the future one day at a time.

We meet only to part,
coming and going like white clouds,
Leaving traces so faint
Hardly anybody notices.
– Ryōkan

The book is great. Thanks for allowing me to be part of it.

Watched another great wide-screen Santa Fe sunset, with the color cranked way up…

The Scent of Light

Today is the official release date. For sure.
I know what I am talking about! (((?)))
Today you can find the album in your local CD store and all online stores.

Link to the album in our online CD store
Link to the album in our download store.