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Collapsible Stadium

Inhabitat: The Collapsible, Flatpacked Olympic Stadium
The concept is part of a new approach to the Olympic Games. Rather than building everything new every four years, the “prefab” stadium idea allows facilities to be built in one city, moved as efficiently as possible and be adapted to existing arenas in the new host city. In the case of London, this particular stadium was specifically designed by HOK Sport to be disassembled and sold on, preventing wasteful obsolescence. The London Olympic Stadium is effectively designed as a 25,000 seat concrete bowl that has an additional 55,000 seats placed on top of it in a temporary structure. It is this entire upper structure which can be moved and installed somewhere else.

Currently, talks are underway with Chicago, but London organizers hope that their offer is taken up by whoever wins the games. If the plan goes forward, this would be the largest amount of seats ever moved from one place to the next, and the first time in history that a stadium of this size has been moved.

Laughing Nuisance

When the guitar
Can forgive the past,
It starts singing.

When the guitar can stop worrying
About the future,
You will become
Such a drunk laughing nuisance
That God
Will lean down
And start combing you into his hair.

When the guitar can forgive
Every wound caused by
The heart starts singing.

– Hafiz

Well, I will admit that Hafiz wrote violin instead of guitar.
Thanks Y.