Dreaming 2007

02007-11-23 | Jon Gagan, Ottmar | 11 comments

New in the LL today: a dreamy remix of Dreaming on the Starlight Train – in the Unreleased album. The original version of the song appeared on the album In the Arms of Love in 2002. This new remix features flies, great fretless bass guitar playing by Jon Gagan, and an electric guitar solo.


  1. Boris

    Ooh! Where’s my credit card…. Did I tell u that I’m in love with the Unreleased Opium track available in the LL. Or the chanting munchkin as MC once put it….

  2. dave

    Great. Just downloaded it & am listening right now. Can’t wait to hear the whole remixed album.

  3. yumiko

    Yes, wonderful with the bass, electric guitar, ending and the flies.

  4. Adam Solomon

    haha! The chanting munchkin…I remember that…I like the sound of the new track, will pick it up soon.

  5. Matt Callahan

    Gotta love the flies

  6. steve

    Ottmar …


    I notice that all the 320k mp3 files are LAME, “Joint Stereo” … have you ever listened to see if you can discern a difference between “Joint Stereo” and “Stereo?”


  7. Anna

    I like the new track, will get it soon.

  8. victor

    Love it sounds wonderful I hope we can hear some more, I thought imho you did a very tasteful job with the electric and I think you have something very unique when you play the electric. and Jon was very tasty as well. Thanks Give us MORE

  9. Carol

    I hated to see it end. That’s the neat thing about having it downloaded to my computer. I can play it over and over…thank you.

  10. marc

    downloaded………….love it…………….Jon’s bass lines kick ass, as does the electric guitar!! Can hardly wait for whole cd. Great work as always OL!

  11. laurie

    listening now – just downloaded it… love, love, love the electric guitar intertwined with the other instruments… and the flies and the exiting train… you are really
    hitting a new mark here

    and I’ve also purchased Winter Rose – waited all year just for the winter season to settle into Maine to get this… worth the wait, but sad to have missed it all this time…


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