Greg Gorman Workshop

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I enjoyed Greg Gorman’s workshop last week very much. The workshops are taught at Greg’s house and studio in Northern California to a group no larger than 9 people. Greg is a great teacher and very generous with his time and knowledge. Besides Greg there is usually a guest instructor, which was Mac Holbert of Nash Editions. Mac had so many tips and tricks for the digital workflow and for Adobe Photoshop that my head is still buzzing from it.


  1. laurie

    when i saw the “gone fishing” post my first thought was maybe you were coming to Camden for PopTech but it started this week, yesterday to be exact…( and you can listen in real time…this year’s theme is “Human Impact”) oh well, maybe next year?

    how exciting for you to have spent the week there doing that and coming back with such a “mind full”…

  2. laurie

    oh, and you can ask the speakers questions by e-mailing them on stage…
    it’s all in the blog
    you can watch and listen here
    (in just a few minutes (5:00 EST) the session titled “Creative Instinct” is starting… I was urged by an insider to listen in)


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