Gone Fishing

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Well, not really. I don’t fish. But I am leaving in a few minutes and will be back next weekend. Talk amongst yourselves. Ciao.


  1. Carol

    Hello, everybody else! What do you think about Ottmar going off and leaving us alone?

  2. dave

    I hope he catches a big fish.

  3. marc

    I think I might go fishing (for real). :-)

  4. eddie

    might be boring!! doesnt he need to mediate all of our comments before they are shown?

  5. laurie

    hi carol,

    glad to see someone here… he is very brave to leave us on our own…
    it looks like he is in a lovely place doing something he enjoys very much..
    i’m looking forward to his fish tales

  6. Mixalis

    I hope it’s catch and release…

  7. Carol

    It’s nice to be trusted like this, isn’t it Laurie… I guess it’s okay as long as he lets us see those wonderful photos. We all know know Ottmar wouldn’t catch a fish with a hook. He might get a picture of one though. That’d be nice.

  8. Adam Solomon

    Hmm! I wonder if he’s out in his boat moderating comments?? :)

  9. Carol

    Adam, when I see those quiet and serene? ocean photos, I certainly hope not.

  10. Anna

    Adam, I have a feeling that comments are being moderated :-)


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