N95 8GB

Review: Nokia N95 8GB (MobileBurn)

Nokia has announced an update to its flagship multimedia computer, the N95 8GB. A boost in on board storage to 8GB, though at the lament of a memory card slot, is not the only new feature for the device, however.

Nice. Much more memory, bigger battery. That addresses the two biggest shortcomings. No more warning that “the application has run out of memory”… But I have seen a photo of the back of the new n95 8GB elsewhere and it showed that the camera lens is no longer protected by a cover. Bad idea. When I have a 5MP camera I don’t want the optics to get scratched up when I have the phone in my pocket.


Westhampton PAC - Evening
We always enjoy playing here. The lighting was a little harsh during the second half, but that’s how it goes. A misunderstanding between Stevo and the house LD, perhaps. In 2005 Stephen was our LD, but since last year he has been in the band and we have relied on house lighting guys. Most of the time that is not a problem and sometimes it is great to see what a person who hasn’t worked with us comes up with. Sometimes it is difficult, as you might imagine. During intermission Stephen asked the house lighting guy to pull down the no-colors (meaning white light) a little, because it was very bright and quite hot during the first set. I think the house LD understood that we wanted no colors and that’s what happened. A rather stark second set, visually, was the result. But, one only had to close one’s eyes, because the music was pure magic, of course.