Caffè Shakerato

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How to make a delightful coffee beverage for hot days… Flickr Set
Here is a recipe from illy, and here another one.


  1. Boris

    I’m still trying to find the best way to make a good tasting coffee at home. Note that I cannot affort a 1,000 Euro original Italian coffee machine. Fortunately at least in the bigger cities you find one or the other acceptable cafeteria.

  2. Will

    Sounds good, I usually prefer iced coffee to hot coffee so this is right up my alley.

  3. ottmar

    Boris – I have an older Capresso machine – designed by a German by the way. Alan found one on Ebay for $300 a couple of years ago.

  4. Boris

    Capresso? I’ll check that. The photoset is amazing, by the way. Mouthwatering.

  5. Andrew

    Nice – I’ve iced espresso plenty of times, but I like the martini shaker idea. If nothing else, it adds some “coolness” points at parties!

    Boris – if you don’t have an espresso machine, my second favorite is the french press. If the coffee’s ground fresh (like 30 seconds before brewing) it tastes better than any drip machine could ever dream of!

  6. Gudrun

    Boris, choose a “Siebträger” and a stable coffee grinder, much time and patience to try out! After four month at last I found out making a perfect espresso or cappuccino. But it’s unprofitable If you often on the way. Click to, there are electric “Cappuccino- und Espresso- Kocher”, you needn’t a hot plate anymore.

    Yummy, but I already had two cappuccini today, that’s enough…

  7. Shawn

    Boris…if you want a really, really good cup of coffee, perhaps the best way to brew it is to use a French press. It’s a terribly simple thing to do and French presses can be had very cheap – under $20. It’s considered by many to be the best way to extract full coffee flavor from beans without overbrewing it. The difference between French press and coffee brewed any other way is astonishing.

    Beyond that, the most important factors in a good cup of coffee are having good beans, having the right grind and using good water. Here in Wisconsin, for example, I can’t brew a decent cup of coffee with the tap water.

    Of course…sometimes only a nice, tastey espresso will do. For that you need a good machine like the Capresso or several others out there.


  8. Gudrun

    Capressa – it’s produced by Jura, Switzerland, isn’t it???
    The main point eventually is a tasty coffee! ..with a bittersweet chocolate…

  9. ottmar

    Michael Kramm is or was German. He founded Krups USA in 1976 and Capresso in 1994.

  10. Gudrun

    Thank you, Ottmar. The culture of coffee has changed within the last 10-15 years. Fully automatic coffee machines and coffee-pad machines moves in offices and in a lot of households. In the cafès one orders “cafè latte” and not a cup of coffee. Ottmar, do you still remember the rule “draußen gibt’s nur Kännchen”? It will be rarely more and more.

    I wish you always a nice coffee klatsch…:) – music ‘n’ coffee klatsch.

  11. Boris

    I’m using beans and coffee grinder for years. Only exception are certain Italian coffee powders. I’m looking for a slightly bigger grinder these days and I’ll think I’ll try out those Bodum cups Ottmar posted pics of. The French press is a good advice. I had one a couple of years ago. Maybe I get myself a new one but at the moment I’d love to find a suitable machine. More trips to Italy needed, maybe.

  12. Gudrun

    Boris, I looked arround for a machine in Italy last year. I was astonished, the choice was not as big as I hoped for. The Italian themselves have no machines at home, they take their daily espressi “al bar” within one minute and with a “big talking”… Then I bought an “isomac” at home after I tried out some coffees from different machines.

    I’m a great Italy-fan. Every year I get itchy feet and want to go off to Italy. :)


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