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Click on Vibrant Rioja Movie. Always happy to help Spain with some new World music :)

Direct link to the movie.


  1. mario

    Yeah!It made the movie!

  2. Carol

    If the wine is as good as the music….

  3. marijose

    Excellent! I just submitted an iMix with the movie soundtrack and a link to the movie. Hopefully it should be up on iTunes in a few hours. The iMix name is, originally enough, Vibrant Rioja. Salud!

  4. Jacqueline

    Remember when , parents used to say, omg, that boy eats so much he must have a tapeworm?

    Brothers Grimm, harvesting the conglumaration of brain and power and with in your Vibrant Rioja, dream pictures again…First sign of mommy my tummy hurts , Creative juices flowing again, & Again . Barker -Sandbrook…..
    Mcgraw -Hill-Ryerson!

    Who know’s, must have been all the tiny bugs, I am reading a book and thinking lol what a new cartoon Pinky and the Brain!

    Cheer’s and Cheer’s and Salute, remember the marrionets, and hand puppets ! On a stage…New Age…Jackie

  5. michael

    alway happy to see Spain again especially with my favorite OL cd backing it. I ordered a copy. Salud!

  6. Gudrun

    By any chance – this week is a special offer at my “bio-store” for some Rioja Reds. I’m not able to open the plugin currently. Alas!


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