The frog is jumping

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The boiled frog is jumping. It turns out that a boiled frog always jumps. To think otherwise was a mere urban legend. The frog won’t jump free from its dire, life-threatening menace at the first effort, but next year will be even hotter and scarier, and the frog will jump harder. From now on, the frog will jump all the time. Further urging to jump will not be required from the likes of us Viridians. The frog has gotten the message.

Here you can check up on your real estate.

More info: Convenient Truths: Greenland’s Warming Island (TreeHugger)

Tibet Slideshow Test

Please ignore the strange artifacts in the very beginning of this YouTube video. I uploaded the video three times, but the artifacts keep coming up. Anyway, I worked on this slideshow on the bus last week. Used Keynote to arrange the photos and exported the result to Quicktime. The music I used for this little test is “This Spring Release 10,000 Butterflies”, but I plan to write and record new music. I imagine the whole slideshow would be about 45-60 minutes in length.


Santa Fe is still cold, but now the sun shines. We came home yesterday, uplifted by a very nice performance at the Paramount in Austin.

Photo by Stephen Duros

Performances at the Paramount always tend to be a better than average and I blame a combination of good acoustics, beautiful venue, the nice vibe of the city Austin and its people, and last but not least a great audience. Thanks to all who came to see us on this little run. There might be a few more Texas performances sometime in the Summer after dates in Florida and Puerto Rico.