Autumn is here. The mornings a brisk and clear. It is apple season and at the Farmers Market one can find delicious varieties from Northern New Mexico. I have been going to the market every week as the produce is superior and it is a nice community event.

SSRI News: We added Barrett Martin’s album Painted Desert to the ListeningLounge. Tentative arrival of Stephen Duros’ Thira CD is mid-october.

I will perform by myself at GIG in Santa Fe on Saturday, November 18th.

Lunch with Canton at Annapurna resulted in the new bar below each Diary entry that allows you to add the entry to a variety of different networking sites.

Two bumperstickers seen in the Casa Solana parking lot:
My other car is a bicycle
My Hybrid beats up your Hummer


Why is it so impossible for Americans to bring a cloth shopping bag to the grocery store?

Layers and Meaning

I saw this piece at the James Kelly gallery on Wednesday. What you can’t see because of the small size of the above image, is that there is a lot of text below the photograph of the river Thames in England. The text contains numbered statements that relate to points on the photograph itself that are also numbered. The day before I had written:

I like the idea of writing kanji characters on photographs, exposing a hidden meaning. For example: describing an emotion that is not at all obvious from the picture, maybe even contrary to the image. A serene landscape with kanji of violent emotion. Or, busy street or photo of butcher with kanji of peace…

Friday: Adventures with Ed

On friday afternoon Jack Loeffler dropped by and we had a very nice 2 hour visit. He brought me a copy of Adventures with Ed, his book-portrait of the famous Southwest author Edward Abbey, who was Jack’s best friend. Time flew as we caught up after not seeing each other for about a decade. Jack told me that he is teaching native americans from several different tribes to record and archive their language, history and stories. I turned him on to the Long Now Foundation and their Rosetta Project (The Rosetta Project is a global collaboration of language specialists and native speakers building a publicly accessible online archive of ALL documented human languages). Turns out Jack knows one of the founders of the Long Now, Stuart Brand… and so the two hours flew by.

I lent Jack my 722 recorder, because I won’t need it next month and he is looking to replace his Nagra.

Started reading Adventures with Ed in the evening and love the book!

Microsoft Zune will violate Creative Commons licenses

Microsoft Zune will violate Creative Commons licenses
The new Microsoft Zune player applies DRM to all the files you move onto it, even the Creative Commons-licened music. The problem is that CC licenses prohibit this. What’s more, CC licenses are machine-readable and could, theoretically, be detected by Microsoft, if they cared enough about copyright to ensure that they were adhering to the license policies set out by creators.

There currently isn’t a way to sniff out what you are sending, so we wrap it all up in DRM. We can’t tell if you are sending a song from a known band or your own home recording so we default to the safety of encoding.

(Via BoingBoing)