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02006-08-14 | Performance, Recording | 2 comments

I added several video links on the right side. The videos can be downloaded and viewed on your computer or video iPod. This particular performance of Cave in My Heart from 2004 features a cool distorted bass solo by Jon. The original studio recording of Cave in My Heart can be found on the La Semana album.


  1. AdamSolomon

    Ottmar, that’s great!! Are these from different performances than the ones on Integral Naked? I remember that bass solo from the 2004 Cave in my Heart (there’s a recording in the Lounge and one on I-N)…that’s a song that in particular was really brought to life live, when it was lost in the glare of the rest of the album (for me, at least) before. Hmm…I think “Bells” is the same way, and “Funky Poet”, a particular favorite ever since Tour 2003… Thanks for the vids :)

  2. Anna

    Ottmar, thank you for the videos …
    I love Cave in my Heart. I haven’t been able to get it out of my head all day today :-)


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