Tuesday Stuff

Niketown.com : Women’s All Footwear | Air Rift iD
For a different kind of Valentine’s gift you could customize an Air Rift iD shoe from Nike. A few weeks later you will receive a package direct from China with the shoes.

Tonight I tried champagne with a little pomegranate juice. Delightful!

Thanks for all of the mail and email for my birthday tomorrow. You are a thoughtful and lovely bunch, you!

Had somebody at a local store check my nonstick pans for wear this morning and they retired all three of them right there and then. Best was when the gentleman said, when used properly every pan is a nonstick pan. Bought a nice All-Clad LTD pan and will keep reminding myself of my new mantra: when properly used every pan is a non-stick pan. We always look for the easy fix, don’t we. Just use a nasty teflon pan, ’cause it won’t stick and we don’t have to worry about it…


Juice, the cross-platform podcast receiver.
If you want to listen to podcasts, this program is for you. Juice is the premier podcast receiver, allowing users to capture and listen to podcasts anytime, anywhere.

For Windows 2000 or XP, Macintosh and soon for Linux. If you are looking for software to listen to our podcasts and you don’t want to use iTunes – you might try Juice. I haven’t used it myself.

Rahim AlHaj

Rahim AlHaj – Oud Composer
Rahim’s long awaited Friendship: Oud & String Quartet CD with Fast Horse Recordings.

I found out that this wonderful oud player, who was born in Iraq, lives in Albuquerque. He will perform in Santa Fe on the 11th of February. His newest CD features him with a string quartet and is amazing. HERE is a biography of Rahim. Can’t wait to hear this man play live!


Spent most of the afternoon and evening in the studio, working on Silence. It appears to be about 8 1/2 minutes long. A few more details and then to Jon for bass and some keyboards.

Current Listening

Daniel Lanois – Belladonna
Haunting ambient recording. Brilliant.

Toumani Diabate – Kaira
Solo kora music. I found this album in the early nineties. Saw Toumani perform in a place called the Speakeasy in L.A. He sat on a table in the restaurant and played that exquisite Kora music. Most people didn’t seem to know who he was, but I was mesmerized. I recently came across the album again and have been listening almost daily.