Day of the Dead 2005

Promessa Organic AB is developing and offering a new method of laying the dead to rest. An environmentally friendly form of burial that takes full consideration of the biological realities to which a corpse is subjected.

I wrote about this before. The Swedish Promessa site (in English), the Promessa Foundation, and see this post from 2002 for information on how a corpse pollutes. How does Promessa do it and a comparison of the effects on the environment


Lunch in Viareggio - 23
Brilliant wine serving machine. Ask waiter for a wine-card, which has a magnetic strip on the back. Grab a glass and insert the card into the machine. Select any of the wines available and receive a pour of that wine. Continue to sample from any of the bottles… At the end of the meal hand the card to the waiter and pay for the wine you drank. Wine is preserved with a neutral gass which keeps it from oxidizing.

The Pantheon

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Pantheon - 1

Morning Walk in Rome

Take an early morning walk in Rome! Soon you have you first view of the Pantheon:
Pantheon in Rome - 1
This cafe is a great place to start the morning. It is open early, while the Caffe Sant’ Eustachio does not open until 8AM (but remains open until 2AM!). The cafe looks small in this photo, but is very deep and much larger than the Sant’ Eustachio. Walk around the Pantheon before day-break and then walk over to this cafe a block to the side in the Piazza Sant’ Eustachio. Stand at the bar and order a capuccino, and soon you might see a baker bring in fresh pastries you might not be able to resist.

Then you might walk over to the Piazza Navona a few blocks away and look at the fountain, which includes this figure, a reclining man shielding his eyes from the sight of the building on the other sde – the sculptor of the fountain, Nicola Salvi, and the architect could not stand each other – before returning to the Pantheon to watch the sun light up the dome of that wonderful, wonderful building.

You might see three nuns crossing the piazza, you might see a woman looking out of her window, or you might check out waiters setting up tables for the day-long invasion of tourists.

I’m (almost) baack!

I am in Chicago, waiting for my flight home. This week I was in Rome and it was wonderful. What a great city! Took almost 50 photos of the Pantheon – at night, early morning, evening… drank lots of coffee – usually one cappuccino in the morning, followed by many espressi during the day….