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This is a collection of misfits, songs that for one reason or another were not released on the albums they were recorded for. They have waited patiently for their chance to be heard.

As promised, a new album in the ListeningLounge in which I will collect odd songs that did not fit on the albums they were recorded for. First up a song I recorded for La Semana and a song we recorded for opium.


  1. Matt Callahan

    Unreleased track from Opium…. And I thought this was going to be a boring evening.

  2. Adam Solomon

    ~Dies of excitement~ You’ve perked up an otherwise not-so-great day. This is…simply incredible. Looking forward to more!!!!!

  3. Mel

    Misfits? I think not! :-) Of course, that would be a good name for the CD if you should decide to release them. :-)

  4. Luz

    Good one Mel. Listening to them now! I have to get an Ipod now!

  5. Adam Solomon

    Mel–The way Ottmar’s been talking about this new LL and hardcopy CDs, I think this album has already been “released” ;)

  6. Ole

    Wow, this is beautiful. Thank you!


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