Summer Tour Update

We added a show at the Performing Arts Center in Lodi, CA, on June 30th. Click on above title link for our complete schedule. We are still working on one or two additional shows and the complete schedule should be up next week.

And the Denver and Boulder dates switched. Boulder is now on the 6th and Denver on the 7th of July.


Music: Winter Roses – new mixes from last night

Window Reflection
The other day I was standing outside my house and noticed this reflection in a window. Combining inside and outside…

Did more mixes for the Winter Roses album last night. A new favorite is the piece Les Roses d’Ispahan by Gabriel Faure (and here) , which we recorded with Jon playing the lead melody during the first half and me soloing during the second half. It is luscious, dreamy, rich and creamy…

T-Mobile Coverage Check

T-Mobile now provides an estimated coverage map down to the street level, taking the location of their cell towers into consideration to give you a better idea of what to expect where you live.
(Via Gizmodo)

Great idea. This map will come in handy on tour as most of us are on T-Mobile and we can look up the coverage rather than stumbling through the area with an eye glued to the signal on a phone…