House Red - 1
These two photos just showed up in the random selection of five pictures from my Flickr account you find on the top right side of this diary. Wouldn’t it be great to have a bunch of frames on the wall that would select photos at random like that Flickr bar?


Practice Thing 2
I posted a photo of my no-brand Practice Thing a while ago. Victor found this similar device at LeTechnique.

It is much fancier and you can actually tune it, which is very nice.

Which company or individual was the first to join two words together as seen in the title? Was it Apple with their PowerBook or does it date much earlier? Is it a little trick to get something trademarked, like intentionally misspelling a word?


Two weeks ago I made a post called Perfect Shave, which I had picked up from that morning. It referenced this piece on MSNBC. Well, the article made a lot of sense to me and I ordered some of the items that were recommended: the Merkur Hefty Classic double-edge safety razor, a DOVO Travel Brush, and the Proraso shaving cream – the web site for the shaving cream sucks, but go here and select Proraso from the list on the left. I spent a little more on the brush than necessary, but what can I say, I wanted something to travel with, and brushed steel does it for me…

The shaving cream is fantastic and so is the brush. It is astounding how much water a good brush can hold!

I like the razor as well, but I will like it even more once I master it. The first shave was a bit of a blood bath, on the second occasion I sliced through a little bump on my chin, which had been there for decades and should have been remembered. Today there were no gashes, just a few minor slices, which means I am making progress. A lot of it has to do with undoing years of bad habits like pushing down hard on a disposable, whereas you have to handle this razor lightly, very lightly, and show it the respect this little weapon deserves…

All in all it feels like one of those great manly rituals, right up there with properly removing a champagne cork… I never learned shaving like this from my dad, because he and grandpa loved their Braun electric razors. But he taught me how to uncork any bottle without spillage!!

To sum it up: I am sold on this way of shaving. My skin gets less irritated and feels much better afterwards, and I especially like the fact that shaving has changed into an art rather than a chore.

Ottmar on Wikipedia

Check this out. Somebody replaced the cover art for Higher Octave’s compilation Surrender 2 Love with the letter of surrender of Bangla Desh by the Pakistan Eastern Command. Funny!
Thanks Robin!

Rice Cooker

I am thinking of buying another Zojirushi Rice Cooker. I had one for a few years, and it worked perfectly until it broke down from all of the abuse. The new ones cook brown rice as well, which I think is a big plus. This should be one of the greatest devices known to mankind, especially for people who hold down regular jobs. Put rice and water into the cooker in the morning, hit the cook button and leave. Perfect rice will be waiting for you when you return. For something different, cook the rice with broth instead of water. Or add other grains. I sometimes added cardamom to the pot, which makes for very nice fragrance and exotice flavor.