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Music: Transit – Jon Gagan

Good News: the complete La Semana album, including the Limited Edition Bonus Track Market Day, four songs from nouveaumatic, and Jon’s album Transit are now available on iTunes. Yeah!

Bad News: La Semana is credited to Luna Negra & Ottmar Liebert and Transit is credited to Jon Gagan & Ottmar Liebert

I have requested corrections, but I have the feeling that will take a while. Concerning digital distribution Epic Records, Higher Octave/EMI and AWAL have all been asked to list all of my music just under my name. I think that will simplify the process and make my music easier to find. I mean, who would think to search for Luna Negra when they are looking for Euphoria, when the name Luna Negra is nowhere on that album cover.

In the future I will retain the three different color bands at the top of the SSRI releases, but with the following changes:

Instead of using different monikers, like Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra (with the red band at the top), Ottmar Liebert’s Euphoria (gray band), and Ottmar Liebert (blue band) – every album will simply be credited to Ottmar Liebert.

The back of future SSRI releases will still carry the color-coding explanation.


  1. Adam Solomon

    Yep, it can get confusing–God knows what I went through figuring out how to label the artist for your older albums on my Zen!–so that’s a good idea. Jon and the rest of the band don’t mind not being credited? It’s only on the cover, so I’d imagine they wouldn’t…

  2. Borya

    Sounds reasonable to me at this stage of your development. Adds to the concept of simplicity.
    And I remember one more thing: there’s another Luna Negra around, right? Somewhere in Spain? While I was talking with some elderly friends about you and your music they always said “Oh, yes!” when I mentioned the name Luna Negra, “It’s Luna Negra you’re talking about? Them we knew.” After diving deeper into the topic it turned out that it was a misunderstanding, that Luna Negra meant something completely different to them.


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