Digital Distribution

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Ole wrote: Since you finally have La Semana on iTunes – congratulations – does this mean you won’t have as much trouble getting them to carry Winter Rose?

It appears that way. I signed with AWAL – Artists without a Label – and they will digitally distribute all SSRI releases, and not just via iTunes. Next up will be Winter Rose: Music inspired by the Holidays and then Jon’s Transit 2.


  1. Panj

    ***It appears that way.***
    It appears that steadfastness pays off…:-)))

  2. Carol

    a perfect titls. What a beautiful reason to look forward to winter…when it comes.

  3. Carol

    TITLE that is…

  4. Adam Solomon

    Oh man, Transit 2!! We’re in for some treats these next two years, I think….

    So what other digital distribution methods are they looking to bring you to? Napster, etc.? I know most of your music is on Real’s Rhapsody service…


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