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Canton has improved the catalog page. Now you will find buttons linking albums to the appropriate pages at amazon, SSRI and iTunes giving you more options to purchase the music.


  1. djalisgypsy

    Very nice! Thanks! Now I can replace the one I left at camp! Have to look more when I get home after I drive through the daily blizzard!

  2. djalisgypsy

    Thanks again for this information. After seeing you perform on woodsongs, I not only replaced my music from camp but purchased 2 more lol! I will send one to my dear friend in Canada who loved your music up at camp this summer. It’s perfect for campfires at the beach as well as anywhere. However, the campfire, the ocean, the music and the company seemed to strike a perfect balance. Thanks Again :)

  3. Panj

    Thanks Canton!!! and Ottmar too!!!…what a splendid reference site…(contented sigh)…:-)


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